14 days to Peace in Middle East

Could this be possible?

Since the state of Israel was created in 1947 it has been at war or on the precipice of war with it’s neighbours. For 67 years this nation state has defended itself against attacks on most of it’s borders.

Many attempts have been made to broker peace. To no avail. The United Nations (UN) has had peacekeeping forces in the Middle East for most of the 67 years.

Fiji, a tiny nation of less than 1 million people in the South Pacific has provided many soldiers for peace keeping duties in this region.

45 Fijian peacekeepers were captured and detained by the ferocious Jabhat al-Nusra Front, Al Qaeda linked militants, in Syria in September 2014.

Held by Al Quaeda linked terrorist group - 2 Sept 2014
Held by Al Quaeda linked terrorist group – 2 Sept 2014

The next 14 days saw a transformation.

Fijian Lance Corporal Naivola said the captors had removed all their  weapons and they were just left with their clothes they were wearing for two weeks straight. “We surrendered everything except our clothes; but we kept our faith in God that we would be released.”

“For 14 days straight we were just praying and fasting for the captors to change their minds and release us.”

“At first they strictly guarded our area but later on they just left us there, trusting us that nothing would happen. We were well fed and no harm was done to us,” Lance Corporal Naivola said.

Meanwhile in Fiji, the entire country was praying for their safe release. The country came to a standstill and an entire day was devoted to prayer and fasting for this cause. And each day thereafter business closed for an hour at midday so that people could go to their churches and pray. A powerful force of love and compassion was growing stronger and stronger.

Against love there is no defence

A bond of true friendship was built between the formerly fierce fighters and their prisoners. “At first there was very tight surveillance… then they came to us and started talking and as days went we started to build our relationship,” he said. Read the full article in the Fiji Sun.

Captors cried as they released peacekeepers…

Speaking to the Fiji Sun from Syria, Lance Corporal Naivola described the bond of friendship they had developed with their captors during their two weeks of captivity. He said: “It was very emotional for us to say goodbye; the group (captors) had even cried and thanked us for our friendship,” he said.

In an interview with the Fiji Sun, Prime Minister Bainimarama said “These 45 men are heroes.  They kept their cool and showed restraint under the most extreme circumstances imaginable…   … shown the world our discipline and resolve 

Fijians  after their release
Fijians after their release

…not one militant was killed and none of our soldiers were harmed.”

Read the complete article.

In speaking with the Fiji Sun, Reverend Bhagwan said what’s interesting…  the Fijian peacekeepers embracing their captors as they walk through the gate or disembark the van carting them showing, “the forgiving and non-judgmental attitude”.  Read the complete article.

Peacekeepers remain at their posts in the Golan Heights

And these Fijian soldiers remain in the Middle East where they continue to be: … providing a calm, stable and neutral presence ….ease tensions and prevent violence. The Fijian contingent has shown a different way forward – a new road to peace in the Middle East.

Fijian released 14 Sept 2014
Fijian released 14 Sept 2014

A road built with love instead of bombs.

Who will have the courage to travel it?

After 67 years of military conflict, terrorism and hatred is it not time to try another way?

And these Fijians remain at their posts in the Middle East, as beacons shining in the darkness created by so many years of death and destruction. These men demonstrate courage and a powerful faith supported by the heartfelt prayers of their families and compatriots at home on lush tropical islands so far from the arid wastelands in which they spend their days.

Surely they are showing the way forward to the rest of the world? Hatred was replaced by love and true friendships were achieved in only 14 days…


A VOICE Crying In the Wilderness

In these times of wars and rumours of wars with the Middle East aflame and Africa not far behind it seems that everywhere we turn it is doom and gloom!

Even Europe, particularly in the east is far from stable. and Australia – is it truly different to the rest of the world?

A quiet backwater?

Tucked away ‘down under’ far, far, away from all the turmoil?

Or is this just a pleasant illusion?

So I was excited to see this You Tube series by Without Spot that graphically presents the truth…

The voice of one crying in the wilderness

1. About the attack on an Aussie church:

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gv1S4pEZlLk

2, More about  this amazing series of events:

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sEAd2QDbP4

3. About the TRUE ‘state of the nation of Australia’ – and who is really controlling it…. and if you are perhaps thinking this is all a bit outlandish (4th minute), ask anyone from the legal profession why, in every Australian courtroom, the Great Seal of the UK is on the wall behind the judge. And why the so-called Great Seal of Australia is NOT? [no-one has ever been able to directly answer this question]

Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2e0VjfUoK5k

4. About the Pawns who allowed themselves to get drawn in

Part 4:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGaqi9UGBPK

Enjoy!  And please check the facts for yourself!

God's landscape is without spot
God’s landscape is without spot

Tax Office Ignores Truth

Numerous attempts have been made to bring to the Australian Taxation Office to face the truth.

And this truth?

The Australian Taxation Office only exists as a Statutory Body under the Public Service Act.

It should not have the right to act as judge, jury & executioner upon people it purports to serve.

Taxation in Australia = Theft
Taxation in Australia = Theft

It is a truth they have known about but ignored for many years.

Why can they continue to ignore it?

Because the justice system ignores it too!

Why? Because the justice system is also based on a tissue of misconceptions that not one judge or politician in Australia is prepared to address.

When a concerned citizen brings it the attention of the courts, the judge excludes the evidence.

How can that be right?

Well, it’s not!

So where else can a concerned citizen go?

To the media? Well, not really because they’re all asleep, or have put it into the ‘too hard’ basket.

It is going to be up to the sovereign people of Australia who care enough about the situation to agitate about the situation until a groundswell of people grows so great that they cannot be ignored!

I hear you wondering: ‘And why should anyone bother?’

Because without people caring enough to object those shadowy people pulling the strings in the background will continue to rob Australians blind!

How could this be happening without me knowing?

Sadly, it is incredibly easy – register the Parliament of Australia, and all state parliaments as corporations in another jurisdiction (eg USA) and alter the flow of taxation moneys. Change this flow of funds to the corporations – no-one will notice!


It is exactly what happened in the 1970’s. At the same time the Office of Taxation, a department of the Federal Government of Australia, was replaced by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Don’t believe it? Fair enough – it is a bit difficult to believe!

Please check for yourself. If you can find a listing within the Federal Government Gazettes in the 1970’s that shows the ATO as a gazetted government entity, please let me know. By the way, when a concerned citizen tried to bring this to the attention of an Australian court by having all the gazettes brought into court this evidence was excluded by the judge. Why?

Because there was no record.

Since this time more than one ATO officer has admitted under oath that it is not an entity.

So why is a non-existent body allowed to rape and pillage the sovereign people of Australia?

In 1999 someone decided to challenge this situation in the court. In October 1999 the challenge was successful when the judge ruled in their favour.

After 6 panic stricken weeks a patch was devised. Poor laws patched up

Under the Public Service Act a Statutory Body was created – the ATO of today. This entity continues to oppress the sovereign people of Australia.

You may be thinking my words are a little strong? Perhaps…

Please advise me on more suitable words to describe a body that can levy an assessment of taxation due and payable at one day’s notice, with penalties of 90% and be supported by the laws of the land in so doing?

Australian legislation prevents any challenge to a deeming made by the Taxation Commissioner. Under this legislation the Commissioner can deem a fact to be true despite evidence said deeming being entirely false.

The taxpayer is then forced by the courts to pay without recourse to appeal until after paying. And if every cent and every asset has been taken by the ATO, with what can they appeal. How do they fight? Is there a lawyer who will represent them without being paid?

And this  is done by a shadow body that promotes itself as a ‘model litigator’ yet it ignores any semblance of justice. After all it doesn’t really exist anyway – except that the courts support it in robbing Australians.

Back to the crux of this post – to highlight the fact that the ATO is out of control – ignoring those it purports to serve.

Don’t believe it?

Check out the documents once again brought into the courts in 2013 and ignored ever since  by everyone.

What then?

Well, you can join the rest of the people ignoring it.

Or you can get the facts for yourself.

You can agitate. You can call for a return to Australia’s Constitution. Demand this from your local member of parliament. You can talk to others who care about the future of this country.

Extracts from ATOTranscript of 24June2013