AMI: a truly vibrant, loving, joyful charity

Agape Ministries International (AMI)Agape-HeartShaped

  • A Charity and Christian Church, headquartered in Oakden, South Australia.
  • Focus is on God’s unconditional love: AGAPE. How is “agape love” different from other types of love?  Its essence is self-sacrifice.
  • Is headed by an anointed Man of God, Pastor Rocco Leo
  • For 30 years Ps Leo, as a Minister of the Gospel, has been faithfully serving the Lord all over the world in Australia, the Americas, Asia, Europe, Philippines, and the South Pacific.
  • Praying for the sick and diseased, and financially helping the poor and needy, homeless, mentally ill, widows, orphans and those without hope – many times he forgoes his own needs

AMI’s Charitable Activities

Based on the life of Jesus, according to the King James and New King James version of the Christian Bible, Agape’s foundation has always been one to have a practical, hands-on international ministry, helping many people in support of their physical and spiritual needs.

This institution, with it’s foundation being the holy scriptures, has as it’s Pastor, one who is an example of what it is to be a genuine Christian.

The fruit of his ministry has been clearly evident. His life of dedication has touched many thousands of individuals around the world since 1980. Ps Leo reminds Bible students ‘never take the glory or credit for what God does, give all glory to God Almighty‘.

Hence ‘Agape Ministries’ – not ‘Rocco Leo Ministries’. Only the Lord is to be glorified!!!

Jesus' great commission: Go, Preach, ...freely give.
Jesus’ great commission: Go, Preach, …freely give.

Long before AMI was officially established, Ps Leo was feeding the hungry, paying bills for the genuinely needy, bringing joy and hope to the despondent. And of course tirelessly preaching the gospel since AMI’s official opening in 2000.

The majority of AMI’s activities have been based in Australia, with support for overseas charitable works in many parts of the world. Financial support to establish an orphanage for an Indian based Christian mission, Harvest Ministry in Kerala, India, and missionaries in Malaysia and Kenya.

Many Australian lives have turned from crime, drugs, violence to a more Christian lifestyles – becoming sources of hope for their own families. Ps Leo teaches by example, encouraging others to develop work skills, even helping to establish their own businesses. A transformation from being a drain on society, to making positive contributions and leading productive lives, and often sacrificing his own needs to help others.

  • 2007- 2010: AMI set up a South Pacific region base in Vanuatu (with Charitable Association status) with plans to establish more in Samoa, Fiji and Cook Islands.
  • AMI intended aiding these countries in their National Development goals for remote communities, while spreading God’s word.

These charitable initiatives, based on sound Christian principles, were to be supported by a skilled and experienced Christian volunteer network of families (approx 60 – 70 people) willing to live in these regions. They would take the time to teach practical healthy life, business  and work skills to people who often had little or no formal education, but wanted to learn.


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