It was decided to establish this blog because we are seeing unprecedented attacks by unprincipled people with ‘no holds barred’ attitudes… using their mouths as ‘terrorist weapons’

Why use the term unprincipled?

Synonyms for unprincipled: devious / dishonest / deceitful / corrupt / wrong

Call us old fashioned, but we believe principled people check the facts before acting.

– loosing unfounded accusations against a genuine Christian church and charity – Agape Ministries International [AMI]

Agape: God's Unconditional Love
Agape: God’s Unconditional Love

And just in case you’re thinking ‘not another religious ….’  before you click away….   please consider this:

Recently a respected member of Adelaide’s legal fraternity made the comment that there hadn’t been anything like this since the disgraceful and tragic Lindy Chamberlain case.

This story is even bigger – with the justice system, the taxation system and of course the so called ‘free press’ being used to destroy anyone even remotely associated.

When these sorts of attacks are supported by Government officials, judiciary, and politicians, without checking basic truths; it fosters a ‘lynch mob mentality’.

Does this mean the foundations and fabric of Australia’s society; and what we, perhaps mistakenly, believe will protect it, is in reality corrupt and immoral?

Is this democracy?

Aided by sensationalist media interests, they appear to be totally desensitized to any fear of retribution, instead being focused on their ambition and own greedy gain.

So it was time to find another way to publish the truth!

For if the attacks detailed in this blog can happen to those who are committed to speaking the truth, caring for others (regardless of the cost to themselves) and are law abiding members of this society, it begs the question:

truth_set_you_free  ‘Who CAN’T it happen to?’ 

Please take a few moments to check out this blog – for the truth will set you free…..

Truth with hard evidence more amazing than any fiction…

Note: The story unfolds as you check out the pages and posts where, in this attack on the innocent:

AMI and the many, many people smeared and defamed display the truth.


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