Michael Spartalis – Martin Penney associate

Michael Spartalis- Martin Penney’s associate

This man attended AMI until it was revealed that he was a deceiver who defrauded many AMI supporters. He was taking money from a single mother $50,000+, even robbing an elderly widow by refusing to pay his own rent for months. Ps Leo expelled him from the Church in 2009.

In an update to his spurious civil court claim, Martin Penney has claimed that he gave monies via AMI to help this man. For anyone who knows Michael Spartalis this is a joke!

Michael Spartalis owes money to almost everyone who attended AMI. He used the good hearts of Christian people to prey upon their charitable goodwill and even defrauded a vulnerable young mother who had recently escaped a violent marriage and has gone into hiding because of very real threats from her drug-crazed ex-husband (recently convicted of assaulting her aged uncle), whom it is believed been incited by Michael Spartalis.

It is believed that, being part of Adelaide’s Greek community, Michael Spartalis knew of Federal government Senator, Nick Xenophon, and realising his interest in stamping out so-called religious cults, influenced the Senator to raise concerns publicly about AMI as a ‘cult’. Sadly (as a former lawyer) the Senator acted upon this flawed information without checking facts or seeking the full story (a bit like the Senators’ use of parliamentary privelege when naming and shaming a Catholic priest).

There are strong concerns that Michael Spartalis, to this day, continues to agitate and cause trouble wherever he can.  There are many reports of him visiting vulnerable and potentially unstable people and filling their heads with lies, regardless of consequences and who gets hurt.


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