Phillip Arbon – Martin Penney associate

It appears an ‘un-holy alliance’ developed between Martin Penney and Phillip Arbon, who has been ‘used’ as a mouthpiece extensively in the media.

Why would one assume such a thing?

Because he was unlikely to have known much of the information he provided unless someone else had given it to him.

UPDATE: 21 APRIL 2013: Died in his home, aged 52, on April 6th 2013, but not found until nearly a week later. A known drug abuser who hangs out with bikie gangs, it is believed he died of a drug overdose. May God rest his soul.

As a short term parishioner, who, through two or so years of AMI’s ministering and counselling of him and his ex-wife, he was reconciled to his family (after 12 years apart – as a convicted criminal, drug addict and firearms offender, Phillip Arbon had used violence against his wife). Within a month of re-marrying in January 2010, his behaviour deteriorated (perhaps because of all the twisted truths he was hearing from his associate) and so his wife threw him out again!

He developed a burning resentment towards Ps Leo (who refused to give him money for his drug habit).

Late 2009 – March 2010 Ps Leo makes a formal police report at Holden Hill Police Station, regarding Phillip Arbon’s many death threats against him. Nothing appears to be done about it (it is suspected that SAPOL’s Robert Michaels intervened). Is Phillip Arbon even questioned?  This inaction emboldens him. Other churchgoers frequently see (during the day through to late at night) parked in his car, outside the AMI church gates. When he’s approached he makes threats – to kill Ps.Leo.  Reports to police are then made by these parishioners, and still nothing done about it. Police response? “we can’t do anything until something happens!!!” The Holden Hill Police Station officers are not even interested in questioning Phillip Arbon and he continues to stalk and harass Ps R Leo.

March 24, 2010 – Phillip Arbon stalks Ps Leo outside the courthouse where the Pastor is providing support to an AMI parishioner. Phillip Arbon takes numerous photos of the Pastor and AMI parishioners present. When asked to stop taking photos he becomes aggressive. Later in the day he makes a fictitious report to SAPOL of Ps Leo assaulting him during this incident (others present can substantiate the Pastor’s version of events).

Late March 2010 – Phillip Arbon visits a long time friend (26 years) and AMI churchgoer, who is a sports shooter and asks him for a firearm, saying he wants to kill Ps Leo. This person reports the incident to SAPOL. It appears SAPOL took no action.

April 14, 2010 – Phillip Arbon who is still stalking Ps Leo, photographing him and making wild accusations regularly turns up at the airport whenever the Pastor is arriving. He provokes and then physically attacks Leo at the airport. Ps Leo reports this incident to SAPOL, after AFP officers present explain they can’t take the report. Some weeks later, this incident is used by SA police to try and get a warrant of arrest against Ps Leo through what appears to be corrupt and misleading actions by most persons involved (SAPOL withholds key parts of the CCTV footage at Adelaide Airport where the incident occurred, which would have shown Arbon initiating a physical attack on Pastor Leo. Footage is never released even though Leo’s lawyer requests it for the court hearing in Ps Leo’s absence).

The magistrate issues warrant of arrest for Ps Leo. He is ordered to come back to Australia, yet can realistically expect no protection from SAPOL.

Note: Ps Leo has further threats against his life and two ‘hit-men’ after him.

If Ps Leo had indeed assaulted him, wouldn’t Phillip Arbon have immediately reported to police on the day of the incident? After all, he had been stalking the Pastor (in his statement he admits his main purpose for being at the airport – and in the earlier statement, at the courthouse, was to take photos of Ps Leo, and to gather evidence against him). If he had been assaulted why didn’t he report it to police?

When it was reported, about six weeks later, Phillip Arbon was not the initiator. In his statement to police he states that he was asked by SAPOL to make the report.

Ps Leo reported the assault to police on the day it occurred. He was hoping to get this man restrained from stalking him and to prevent any further death threats against him or anyone else.

Is this police corruption?


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