Impact of Attacks

Impact on AMI Church/Charity, Supporters & Pastor

Australian Taxation Office (ATO) cancels charity status just a few days (unprecedented haste) after SAPOL raids and pursues AMI for trumped up taxes amounting to $millions.

Frozen dollarIt needs to be called to account for using tactics of immobilising assets, bank accounts and all finances thereby preventing AMI from even fighting the ATO in court.

This government department that supposedly exists to serve the public operates on the principle of ‘pay now, fight later’.

Once it has taken all your money with what are you going to fight??!!

Funds contributed by AMI volunteers for overseas projects and missionary work have been frozen, and taxed, by the ATO, despite mountains of proof of ownership.

Vanuatu Government cancels AMI’s charity status in Vanuatu (after two years of talks and relationship building).

Cook Islands and Fiji Islands Governments halt talks with AMI.

Pastor Leo, Joseph & Mari Veneziano have their personal and professional reputations severely damaged in Australia, the South Pacific and the rest of the world.

Joseph Veneziano’s business partners (Dr Vijay Navani, Dr Mike Mazzoni & Dr Cesar Tan, of Sunshine City Medical Centre & Keilor Downs Medi-clinic, Victoria ) fraudulently take his share of income distribution for themselves, and cease giving him his rightful profit share – systematically diminishing Joseph’s income. Hiding behind the ATO freeze order.

Note: Joseph’s profits were contributed to AMI’s Charitable works.

Through a systematic campaign of terror, propagated by many self-interested parties, un-truths and mis-information was spread.


Isn't It The OTHER Way Around?
Isn’t It The OTHER Way Around?

This was a ‘trial-by-media’ where scurrilous journalists branded AMI as a so called ‘cult’.

AMI supporters have lost their jobs, been forced to leave the state to find work and feed their family.

Some are in hiding, because of death threats by violent ex-husbands ensuing from all of this. Families have been torn apart, fathers losing access to children, people having their businesses and reputations destroyed.

It appears that  there are unprincipled & ambitious SAPOL officers, former Members of SA’s Parliament, SA & Federal Government employees, Channel 7 Adelaide’s ’Today Tonight’ program, along with Martin Penney and his associates, needing to be investigated via an independent inquiry – away from South Australia and away from the SA and Australian Federal Police.


When the foundations of the hearts of man are rotten because of the evil that they have created or unwittingly allowed to spread); without restraint by the authorities of a land, and it is directed towards a ‘Man of the Cloth’ who seeks to uphold a righteous moral code – then the foundation and the entire land is severely CURSED.

This is according to the Word of God – cyclones, floods, pestilences, hardships  –  it is a law of God.

Make no mistake – it is not God that unleashes destruction – it is MAN’s evil that causes the law to be activated.

It is called sowing and reaping. Some call it ‘Karma’.

abusingWhatever you may call it – it is God’s law.

A Man of the Cloth, a Man of God, has been branded a deceiver, by a fraudster.

He was hunted down to be killed by the unscrupulous. And hunted by corrupt authorities.

These people are trying to take away his assets (much of which was accumulated by years of hard work before AMI was established), his reputation, his life’s work helping the sick, the aged, the poor, and eventually they tried to take his life.

To crucify him for a price.

Seems like Australia will continue to see devastation hit, until it will become a byword and a backwater nation, for it does lie under the curse of God’s law – regardless of Australians believing it or not.

Unless there is true justice administered for this Man of God, then the foundations of the Australian nation will continue to crumble and much devastation will visit the land…

Note: This may seem to be a bold statement to those who do not believe. However this is the truth about the ‘state’ of Australia.

If the ’powers that be’ do nothing to rectify this injustice, then watch what will happen to Australia, by the finger of God.

If justice is administered in truth, then the land can be spared from further natural disasters…

The Man of God’s protection is his righteousness in God – and every Australian’s protection is the same, if they choose it….

Agape Ministries International – Scripture References: New King James Bible

2 Chronicles 7:14 – scripture reference:

“if My people who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land”

Jonah 1: 1-2 = proclamation

Jonah 3:1-10 = consequence

Jeremiah 23:18-20

May God Bless You!


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