South Australian Police

South Australian Police (SAPOL) Officers ‘…keeping South Australia safe….’

The reality is far from this slogan! It appears there is systemic corruption to the core of this state’s police, justice and political system.

After countless reports to SAPOL abut assaults, threats to life, stalking etc., and no discernable action, AMI supporters have no confidence in this state’s police force. They have no faith that they will be protected. There appears to be widespread cover ups, leaking of information, such as bank account details (how else did Martin Penney get detailed information about funds in specific bank accounts), and people’s unlisted phone numbers being given to the media just a few hours after handed to a police officer!

Innocent people who have led blameless lives, dedicated to helping others were being harassed, bullied and threatened by police officers determined to prosecute them. Senior officers prepared to collude in witness statements and to tamper with evidence in conjunction with contradicting themselves while in the witness box – why? To cover up the fact that they have spent years and millions of taxpayer dollars pursuing innocent Christians while relying on flawed evidence and unreliable witnesses (according to SA’s MediaConference-DPP-27072011).

Ps R Leo’s teenage son constantly harassed by police… churchgoers discriminated against by any and all government departments…  numerous reports to SAPOL about threats, stalking etc. and none investigated…

Is this terrorism of its innocent citizens – the Australian authorities way?? !!

Is this democracy??!!

UPDATE: 21/4/13 Martin Penney is exposed as a SAPOL informant in an Australian Taxation Office (ATO) document provided to AMI in September 2011 and August 2012. FOI documents from SAPOL provide further validation. The South Australian Director of Public Prosecution (SA DPP) investigations cause SAPOL to post information on their SAPOLWebsite-Facts correcting much of the misinformation being bandied about.  (ref: Martin Penney page: Evidence Against Penney and the DPP media conference pdfs at the bottom of the page)

Robert Michaels SAPOL Officer: (close relative of Martin Penney)

Robert Michaels and Martin Penney are married to sisters, and conveniently live in adjoining properties. In about 2008 a gate was installed in the fence common to both properties. It is believed Martin Penney colluded with Sgt Robert Michaels to influence SA police to raid AMI church premises and other properties.

In two shipping containers owned by AMI (bound for Vanuatu Aid/Missionary projects) thousands of rounds of ammunition were found secreted in furniture loaded therein. It is believed Martin Penney had planted it there to set up Ps. Leo and AMI. Martin Penney had access to the location where the furniture had been stored, being AMI’s Kuitpo rehabilitation centre property . PS Leo had given him keys to this property.

March 2010: Police detectives visited AMI at Oakden investigating a report of ‘unusual activity’ and were willingly shown through the site and appeared to have found nothing out of the ordinary.

March 2010 : Martin Penney’s Secretary overhears him speaking with his brother in law (Robert Michaels) pleading for SAPOL to put pressure on Ps Leo, just a few months before the raid. During this same conversation she overheard Martin Penney say “ I know there are bullets on the property”.  If Martin Penney had planted them there of course he would know! Later, when she confronted him about this conversation and she was promptly sacked by Martin Penney. Yet in Martin Penney’s affidavit, dated 26 May 2010 for his civil case claim against the Pastor for $1.2m he stated he only became aware of this entire situation in late May 2010 when it hit the media.

Note: When SAPOL was questioned about the link between these two men, the response was (via Police Complaints Authority) they have hardly seen each other during the time Martin Penney attended AMI. Martin Penney attended AMI from 1994 until 2010. If they didn’t have much to do with each other during this 16 year period why did they have a gate installed in their adjoining properties’ common fence during this time period?

It appears there’s some connection here. It brings into question what is Robert Michaels’ motive? Did his involvement in the AMI investigation help his career?

Summary: SAPOL has wasted taxpayers resources on a ‘wild goose chase’ and have not yet admitted the truth!

And what is the truth?

There is no evidence of fraud or illegal weapons for one simple reason – it was all a fabrication by a jealous and greedy man with ambitions to usurp a genuine Pastor!

End of story! Or it would have been, if SAPOL had been doing it’s job properly…


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