AMI: Activities in South Pacific Region

2010 -2013

AMI’s missionary work continues unabated. Here’s a report recently submitted to the FIJI government on activities and testimonials expanding on the main content (also used as attachments 7-15, for AMI’s letter to the ATO)  Attachment 7 -Activities report 2013  The following files provide more information about the miraculous healing of these people who have been transformed from despair to hope as their faith in God grew  by hearing the Gospel and seeing the fruits… Attach 8-Ashals story-Part 1  Attach 9- Ashals story-Part 2  Attach 10 – Delana story  Attach 11 – Manueli Story  Attach 12 – Rachels story  Attach 13-Tevitas story  The news is spreading across the world, that Jesus heals – Attach 14 – Redacted Copies USA emails  Attachment 15 -RusiateWalksUnaided and coming soon – video of Rusiate’s ‘victory dance’

Babu - prayer causes pain to flee
Babu – prayer causes pain to flee

And another healed, restored and set free! 

Babu Khan, Fiji bowls champion, who had been crippled by arthritis for 5 years…Ps Leo prayed for him and he was

World Bowls # 3 Babu Khan restored - healed!
World Bowls # 3 Babu Khan restored – healed!

immediately set free of pain that had bound him for 5 long years…now has Vodafone sponsoring him.

2009 : Vanuatu missionary trips by Ps Leo & Assistant Pastor Joseph

February: Pierre – according to doctors [who said there was nothing more they could do to help his body wasting away from shellfish poisoning…

He was just skin and bone… 2 days from death

 Ps Leo prays for him, and tells family to fill in his grave – it will not be needed

for he will live!

Vanuautu's Pierre & his despairing wife7 months later [September 2009]

...Pierre - happy, healthy - strong enough tolook after his family! …having gained 45 kilos, a fit and well Pierre!

Pierre accepting  and rejoicing in the truth – the Lord healed him…

Many people in Vanuatu heard the gospel truth and believed in what Jesus does out of His great love – agape…


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