goldv truth 1. Agape Ministries International (AMI) is a legitimate religious institution with it’s headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia. It is a Christian church, bible college, and charity with it’s ministry founded in Christian principles as seen in the New King James version of the Bible.

2. AGAPE is the Greek word for God’s love – a love incomparable to any know by man (greater, more comprehensive, selfless)

Boundless Love
Boundless Love

3. AMI planned international aid and missionary projects in Vanuatu (where it had been in talks with the government for some time and had established a charitable association in accordance with government guidelines). It planned to establish it’s headquarters for the South Pacific regions in Vanuatu. This was in accordance with it’s plans to work with a number of countries in the region (letters had been sent, visits made etc, to a range of countries).

AMI board members had been visiting governments in a number of countries in this region. At the time of the raids in South Australia, three AMI representatives were in Fiji, having met with a government representative and planning for more such meetings in the next few days.

4. Australia’s Taxation Office has attacked AMI. It’s attack is based on flawed information that was sourced from an informant who was allegedly a tax avoider, and information which was wrongly reported in the media, including SA police involvement and charges laid against AMI church goers.

5. The ATO (via Australian Federal Police connections)went to such extreme lengths as to have helicopters flying low over the Melbourne homes of Joseph and Mari Veneziano’s relatives – being terrorised by their own government. It didn’t seem to matter that law abiding citizens (AMI supporters), had their phones tapped – being terrorised by their own government.

To quote a senioSurveillancer lawyer whose experienced something similar himself

–‘and this is NOT China, but Australia’.

6. ATO through the courts has frozen all AMI assets. Normal court processes allow for funds   to be accessed to cover living and legal expenses.  

 Not so in AMI’s case.

 The funds remain frozen, causing hardship to all concerned.

Refer: Myths & Facts pdf  AMI – Myth vs Fact

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