Fire & Tempest – Australia’s disastrous slide into oblivion

Series: What God has to say about EVIL

No-one can withstand the Hand of God when He unleashes His righteous judgement…

Warnings have been repeatedly conveyed to various Australian authorities since 2010 when they began oppressing people who are servants of the Lord God Almighty.

They are not coming against man, but against the Spirit of God.

Part 7: Australia’s disastrous slide into oblivion

This may seem a bold statement, but it’s no exaggeration!

Quoting from correspondence to an eminent Australia judge (who can get the message through to the recalcitrant [unwilling to obey] rulers who are obstinately defiant of God’s authority), the Lord has sent warning after warning to these so-called leaders, saying His laws will not fall to the ground just because people ignore his words of warning.

“…repeatedly made you aware of the terrible plagues and travails destined to come upon the country unless the government ceased the persecution of the House of God and His servants.  

 Now they’re coming to pass! Some curses are more evident than others – the enormous debt and other financial troubles afflicting Australia may not be as noticeable (yet), but the massive bushfires and droughts destroying the country’s farming and grazing resources are glaringly obvious to all.

Please be clear – Australia’s disasters are because the rulers have ignored all the warnings and horrendous consequences that are directly caused by their continued hounding of an innocent Man of God, and foolishly introducing laws legalising same sex marriage and abortion (NSW). None of which have a place in a Christian country and are an abomination in God’s eyes.”

God has clearly explained the consequences of broken laws which have caused legalities to come upon Australia, and the resultant calamities.

Ignoring these warnings has caused these horrendous costs to the people of Australia:


  • Uncontrollable fires rage across every state and territory while so-called authorities wring their hands, with the NSW Bureau of Meteorology saying   fires too big to put out’   
  • The nation’s breeding herds are being sent to market because there’s no feed or water for these precious animals. 4th or 5th generation farmers are experiencing abject despair as they walking off their desolate land. Who is going to feed the nation now?
  • Country town after country town is without even drinking water. Ghost towns!
  • Recent Sydney weather: storm cuts power to 47,000 homes as 90km/h winds bring down trees. …’ferocious storm’ causing power outages lasting up at a week in some suburbs, and igniting dozens of extra fires.
  • Major blazes merge: Multiple fires merge together to create fire the size of Sydney.
  • People living in fear as an unstoppable 60 km wide ‘mega fire’ front rampages across NSW. Imagine getting into your car and having to drive that 60 km – with an enormous wall of flames beside you. Would you be panicking within the first 100 metres? Would it be a living nightmare?
  • Firestorm rains down on firefighters in NSW.
  • A Weather ‘anomaly’ (an interesting term for ‘Act of God’!)

    Sydney blanketed by smoke and ash
    Sydney – smoke, ash, blackened leaves

causing many Sydneysiders to choke, as black ash and charred gum leaves blown up to 100kms rain down upon them. The city is blanketed by such heavy smoke from the surrounding bushfires that, according to the Bureau of Meteorolgy it appears as rain on weather radar systems.

  • 160kms away in Newcastle, the smog was so thick that, if you had stayed outside all day, it was the equivalent to smoking 36 cigarettes.

It’s time for ‘quiet Australians’ to relentlessly agitate with their local politicians and media until they demand that their leaders repair God’s broken laws so that the tragedies befalling this nation can be quickly reversed – for the Lord eagerly awaits the time that He can mercifully relent!

EconomicCost-12.12.19Be part of the solution.  Become one of the ‘quiet Christian Australians’ – repent, pray and worship God – and shake up the politicians and media (and anyone else you know who may be able to break through their intractable band of minders. Show them the key – it’s well documented ‘warnings’ here.

Demand that the country’s leaders obey the Lord’s instructions – which are clearly stated in the July 2019 post on this blog – Australia! Australia! Australia! And here and here and here and here.

Nothing else will save Australia.

Act now! Before the people in this wonderful country suffer any further.

God Bless You!


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