Yes, Prime Minister

you can ‘Make It Rain’

Series: What God has to say about Evil

Part 5: Yes, Prime Minister

As the ruler of Australia, it is within your power to bring the rain, Prime Minister!

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, you were mistaken when you said  ‘I can’t Make It Rain’ during your 24th February 2019 press conference. “PM announces $31 million for  drought-hit Victorian Farmers”  

No need to establish a $3.9 billion Drought Proof Fund, or $100 million for flooded cattle stations or $31 million for Gippsland’s drought stricken farmers,or any of the other ‘band-aids’ frittering away Australia’s wealth.


By fulfilling Almighty God’s ordinances and moving in obedience.

Yes, that’s correct – God is waiting for Australia’s rulers to remember that He is the only one who can save the nation, but He can’t go against His own ordinances.

As explained in 2 Chronicles: 7 v 14 (NKJV)

‘…. If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.’

Until this is done blessings cannot come to a nation in disobedience.

As soon as this is remedied the plagues will cease (drought, flood, bushfires, power prices sky rocketing, mountainous debt, political chaos, financial disarray etc. etc.).

Through restoring what has been stolen from the Lord God’s people (see the Series ‘What God has to say about Evil’ of earlier posts in this blog, [beginning with ‘Thus Says the Lord’ & ending with ‘Testing God’]  Australia’s tsunami of misfortune can be reversed.

Prime Minister, fulfil His ordinances, right the wrongs, then humbly ask Him to send the rain, and your prayer will be heard, for God hears the pleas of those who ask appropriately (You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss… : James 4:3 NKJV).

Example 1: Recently a Man of God visited a remote village on a South Pacific island. The people were in dire straits because there had been no rain for 10 months. The community has no water storage facilities of major any significant capacity. No reservoir, no rivers, major catchment resources or large storage tanks.

Fundamentally the village was solely reliant upon regular rainfall. Without it their crops had failed and even drinking water was in short supply.  

The village chieftain enquired of the Man of God about what to do to change the situation. It was explained to him that as the chief, he could petition God for rain – after he had prayed and fasted. He immediately complied, and was joined by the Man of God in these activities to please God.

The moment the fast was finished the rain began to fall. It did not stop until every pot, pan, tub, bucket, tank and every other receptacle that would hold water in that village was full to overflowing!

 Much joy, praise and worship ensued to show their gratitude to Almighty God for a leader (ruler) who cared so much for his people that his obedience was immediate.

Note: Obedience commands the blessing!

Example 2: In the midst of a widespread drought, an Italian gentleman with a large olive grove decided to petition God for rain. He knelt at each and every olive tree praying, praising, and thanking the Lord for water to fall on his parched trees. His prayers were answered and his olive trees  produced a bumper crop of plump olives.   

Note: The bountiful rain that fell after he prayed stopped precisely at the boundary of his property. Not a drop of rain fell on his neighbours’ land. They had not prayed.

Example 3: A few years ago, a Victorian farmer, whose water tanks were empty, hosted a Man of God and his family with great generosity, giving the best his property could provide. As this Man of God was leaving he asked if this farmer needed anything. The farmer humbly explained there had been no rain for many, many month and his property was parched. By the time the Man of God’s car had left the property the raindrops were falling. This blessing did not stop until the tanks were full to overflowing and the land was soaked. 

God is a God of great bounty. He is just waiting for the nation’s government to pray appropriately so that He can bless Australia. He will cause the heavens to open over the areas of Australia that are parched and thirsty. And that will just be the beginning of the blessings.

It greatly pleases Him to pour blessings upon people who honour Him.

For a quick refresher, read chapter 28 in the book of Deuteronomy where Moses lists the blessings and curses.

Blessings on Obedience include:

  • City & Country mental health issues will plummet
  • Businesses will thrive (creating jobs & reducing dependence on welfare)
  • Fruit of the body (children) ground (plants & trees), herds, flocks will increase and store houses will be overflowing. Rain for the land in season
  • Enemies will flee (hacking of government & business will diminish)
  • The world will be afraid of a nation that God establishes as a holy people that does not serve other gods.

Curses on Disobedience include:

  • City & Country mental health issues escalating (confusion will reign), and plagues clinging until the people are consumed
  • Businesses will shrivel and die (escalating costs, disappearing jobs & greater dependence on welfare)
  • Fruit of the body (children), ground (plants & trees), herds, flocks will decrease and store houses will empty.
  • Droughts and rain out of season causing floods, the sky as ‘brass’ and the ground as ‘ironstone’.
  • Chaotic Government and enormous debt
  • Enemies will create havoc (hacking of government & business).

Without intervention the nation will be oppressed and plundered continually. No one will be able to save Australia. It will serve other gods of wood and stone – and will serve it’s enemies.

Please read about the blessings for obedience and the curses for disobedience in Deuteronomy – for the nation will be completely destroyed, because of disobedience – unless the words of almighty God are taken seriously.

There’s nothing to lose – and much to gain by acting on this right now!

There is no ‘down-side’. Unless pride is more important than survival?

Whereas the ‘up-side’ is enormous – Australia’s prosperity restored for a start. No need to add to the nation’s billions of borrowings destined to be a millstone around the necks of generations of young Australians if the country doesn’t change course.

A simple solution, Prime Minister!

God is a God of ‘now. Act now, and He will move!



2 thoughts on “Yes, Prime Minister

  1. good luck in getting them to repent.
    these people are the blind leading the blind.
    this country needs a good leader
    one who cares for the people and makes decisions for the well being of the people.
    all I’ve witnessed is liars cheats and theives who are so corupt and to afraid of backlash from its people who it has misrepresented for decades .
    i dont care about the money they took or the heart ache they caused me and my family i forgive them all.
    but will not lay a finger to help them untill the man of god is being shown respect.
    if not their are other armies and religions who will tear Australia apart unless they repent for unrighteousness .
    up to them. alot more needs to be said and i pray the lord expose them all for who and what they are.
    thus says a friend

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