Australia: Debts & Disasters vs Fiji: Profits & Plenty

Series : What God has to say about EVIL

No-one can withstand the Hand of God when He unleashes His righteous judgement…

Warnings have been repeatedly conveyed to various Australian authorities

since 2010; when they began oppressing servants of the

Lord God Almighty

The authorities are not coming against man, but against the Spirit of God

Part 7: Australia: Debts & Disasters vs Fiji: Profits & Plenty

Why?  Treatment of a Man of God: Australia Rejects  vs  Fiji Respects

And why does it matter?

Well, the implications for the nation of Australia are extreme! A legality (a legal right) hangs over the nation…

Conquering a dire threat to Australia

using God’s wisdom

Previous posts discuss the threat …………… so it’s appropriate to explain what, why, and how to fix it.


God’s laws are the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Jesus came to fulfil the law: Matt 5: 17 -18 (NKJV)

17: Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy, but to fulfil. 18: For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled.


This legality allows the enemy to have a ‘field day! The more the persecution of a good man serving God, the greater the enemy has rights to advance against a nation.

This advance has become an avalanche – that, if not addressed will snowball into the abyss of a 5th world country.

Is this an exaggeration? Sadly, the answer is ‘No’.

Has this happened before? Just as sadly, the answer is ‘Yes’.


Australia, via it’s ‘rulers / government’ has broken God’s law, causing a legality to occur. The legality, or legal right, that exists over Australia was created over the last 9 year period through a sequence of unrighteous acts of the government officials towards Agape Ministries International (AMI) Church, it’s Pastor, Rocco Leo, a Man of God and his fellow Ministers.


 We can turn back to God’s ways (ie Christianity – keeping His laws) that served us so well, for so long!

Australia can get back from it’s current downhill slide. It can avoid destruction of a wonderful way of life as we know it.

A salutary example (Biblical):

Jeremiah, God’s vassal, was so grievously treated by King Zedekiah that the Lord gave the entire nation over to a despotic and cruel state, ruled by the infamous King Nebuchadnezzar.

At the Lord’s bidding Jeremiah cautioned Israel’s King Zedekiah to turn from his evil ways. He explained the King was to stop his unrighteous persecution of Jeremiah, an anointed and appointed Man of God, otherwise the hand of the Lord would be against him, his family and the country.

King Zedekiah rejected God’s warnings. His Government turned to their own god (ie. their own intellect), raising it up (ie. idolising it) above God’s wisdom.  Jeremiah: Chapters: 2-3 (NKJV)

The outcome?

Not only was the land judged – severe drought and famine, but as King Zedekiah (ruler / government) persecuted Jeremiah, the country was attacked and seized by a brutal foreign regime – Babylon and it’s ruler, King Nebuchadnezzar.

Babylon annihilated most of Judah and enslaved the remaining people under it’s tyrannical rule. Jeremiah: Chapters: 14-15 (NKJV)

 Avoiding King Zedekiah’s mistake:

By reversing the persecution that caused Pastor Leo and the Ministry team to be exiled in Fiji for the past nine years, Australia will also reverse it’s own destiny.

Through restoring what has been misappropriated from AMI Church, charity, Pastor Rocco Leo, the Ministry team, and all others caught up in this government persecution in accordance with the Holy Scriptures the Hand of God will move swiftly to bless the nation.


Man’s knowledge and intelligence are not superior to that of God. To think otherwise is foolishness.

God’s laws cannot be undone, only fulfilled.

More Information:

The following letter was recently sent to the Prime Minister of Australia, the Honourable. Scott Morrison MP, by a supporter of Agape Ministries International, Pastor Leo and the Ministers.

This correspondence provides examples that compare the two very different approaches by these two nations to an anointed servant of God who has constantly and consistently borne ‘Good Fruits’.

And it further explains the terrible consequences for nations, according to what the scriptures of the Lord (Bible) say, about those condemning a Church and its Ministers doing the Lord’s work.

The Honourable Scott Morrison MP
Prime Minister of Australia
Parliament House
PO Box 6022, Parliament House,
Canberra 2600

Dear Prime Minister,

re: President’s Medal of the Order of Fiji (MOF)

The Man of God, Pastor Rocco Leo, from South Australia has been honoured by the President of Fiji, the Honourable Major General Jioji Konrote; being awarded the
Medal of the Order of Fiji.

This honour was bestowed on Friday 12th July 2019 at the official Investiture Ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Suva, with great pomp and ceremony. (Brass band, regalia etc.) It represented, the President said, the acknowledgement and gratitude of the Government, toward a select few individuals who had made a significant contribution to Fijian society.

The President said that he thanked specifically the Lord Jesus Christ for these individuals, and highlighted that the supreme importance of a nation showing gratitude in this way for outstanding contributions, IS the essence of its prosperity and blessings from God UPON a nation.

Gratitude and recognition by the Highest authority unto God was the key here, that he understood, and that he emphasised. He didn’t say it was the economic prowess of its leaders that determined the blessing upon a nation – NO! It was specifically the gratitude of the Government UNTO God for the outstanding contributions of those doing good.

Why is it important to highlight this at this time? Because, simply we have a national existential emergency on our hands in Australia, and a legality (a legal right) hangs over the nation like a noose if not dealt with quickly.

Fiji happens to be a country that strategically for Australia is very important. I write to you with utmost respect sir, to highlight from God’s perspective (namely Bible scripture) that shows us God’s wisdom, and what is needed as a way out of any national emergency. Proverbs states that in all your ‘getting’ make sure you get wisdom and get understanding. This is the only way for Australia’s fortunes to turnaround for the better. No amount of earthly intellect can do this – it’s now God’s way or no way out.

The legality, or legal right, that exists over Australia was created over the last 9 year period through a sequence of unrighteous acts of the South Australian Government officials towards Pastor Leo, a Man of God and his fellow Ministers and Agape Ministries International (AMI) Church.

This is based on biblical wisdom, for when a Government persecutes an anointed Man of God that consistently is producing good fruit for the Kingdom of God, a legal right against the nation is created. The more the persecution of a good man serving God, the greater the enemy has rights to advance against a nation.

How do you know he is good? Look at his fruits (healings) that continue till today. Matthew 7:16 says ‘You shall know them by their fruit’ (ie: what they do).

The nation of Fiji has recognised this, and honoured his efforts.

However Australia’s persecution of this Man and his Ministers is still continuing and so the strength of the legality (God’s law) is against the country. The ATO unrighteously sold Pastor Leo’s house and personally-owned Church building (that he allowed the use of for a Church) and has been allowed to sell other church assets to attempt to destroy the Man of God and is still greedily condemning him, with trumped up double tax assessments (…), and also for Minister Joseph Veneziano (…).

This legality of unrighteously pursuing those serving God, if not halted IMMEDIATELY, reversed, and recompensed as soon as possible, will by the Word of the Lord, cause severe and irrevocable consequences for the land. See Ezra 7: 24, Book of Jeremiah, Exodus 22: 28, Acts 23:4

Unless all of this is reversed according to the many letters of correspondence and information sent to your office by Pastor Leo, this legality over Australia will intensify to complete chaos. The Word of God states this, not merely a man or a woman. It is God’s wisdom we are wagering against.

Scripture shows us God’s wisdom to overcome any national threat.

Jeremiah the Man of God was warning Israel’s King Zedekiah to turn from his evil ways and to stop persecuting him, as the hand of the Lord would be against his family and the country. He rejected God’s warnings and his Government turned to their own gods – namely their own intellect above God’s wisdom. (Jeremiah Chapter 2-3 NKJV)

Consequences? In Jeremiah Chapter 14-15 we see not only was the land judged with severe drought and famine, but as King Zedekiah (Government) persecuted Jeremiah, the Man of God (Pastor Leo) further by exiling him (to Fiji), the country was attacked and seized by a foreign brutal regime – Baylon’s King Nebuchadnezzar (modern day Iran or will it be China?) that annihilated the country and enslaved the remaining people under Babylon’s repressive regime.

I beg of you, with all sincerity and love of the Lord, Prime Minister, please do not make the same mistakes as King Zedekiah of Israel in rejecting Jeremiah the Man of God (Pastor Leo’s) or God’s warnings, for as each passing day unfolds more and more threats lie at the country’s doorstep (economic housing crisis, geo-political threats China etc. just to name a few)

I would like for you to see a comparison of when a GOVERNMENT blesses a representative/ Man of God, and when a GOVERNMENT persecutes a Man of God.

In this case specifically as it pertains to Pastor Rocco Leo of South Australia.

  •  Where one Government (AUS) persecuted a Christian man out of his country, another Government (FIJI), has exalted him with the highest civilian honour– the Medal of the Order of Fiji.
  •  Where one Government has called a man a criminal, another Government has called a man a hero.
  •  Where one Government slapped a trumped up ATO tax bill on the Man of God, to take his house, and all his assets, dragging him through the courts for 9 years, over a fake news media storm (orchestrated by corrupted SA Government officials trying to arrest Mining rights held by Pastor Leo), and threw his three generations of family out onto the streets, destitute; another Government has welcomed him with open arms, and given him a safe place to stay.
  •  Where one Government has allowed its greedy ATO officials to ‘make an exampleØ
    of him’, another Government is applauding him for being an example for others.

The consequences of all of this?

  •  Where one Government is facing economic hardship, the other Government is facing unprecedented strong economic growth for the last 9 years straight! (Fiji 4-5% p.a.).
  •  Where one Government is facing severe drought, another is enjoying abundant rain and fertile land with bumper crops.
  •  Where one Government denounced this Man of God (ATO officials, their lawyers, former Senator Nick Xenophon, Frank Pangallo, member of SA Legislative Council, former SA Police Commissioner Malcolm Hyde, former SA Minister for PIRSA, Paul Holloway MP & ors), another Government’s Head of State is praising the Lord Jesus for him; and so it is receiving blessings from heaven on the land and its peoples.
    (Eg: God has allowed Fiji to be strategically elevated geo-politically to be in the box seat now, having a ‘big brother’ nation submit to it for security alliances. This is the hand of God.)

Please, with the greatest sincerity, I plead with you to consider the scriptures and see that what God is saying to you is the truth. Not what government officials or the media has trumped up, and fed your intelligence. [omitted ]

I pray, in Jesus name, that you act quickly to rectify all of this. The laws handed down on Mt Sinai unto Moses, by God Himself, even deems that it is unlawful to revile a religious ruler of the people (Man of God); ref. Exodus 22: 28, Acts 23:4; as it has severe consequences. The Lord puts a calling on our lives to do God’s bidding, and as President Konrote privately said to Pastor Leo, on Friday 12th July 2019; as the Head of State he doesn’t consider himself a politician, but a servant of God, and the President knows he has been placed in this position by the call of God upon his life; to serve the Lord Jesus and be guided by His wisdom ONLY, not man’s wisdom.

Pastor Leo (and Ministers Joseph & Mari Veneziano) have not ceased in earnestly praying for Australia EACH and EVERY day without fail whilst being exiled from their family and country. They do this at least 3 times daily. May you be blessed in meditating upon this Investiture event that has recently taken place, and may God’s richest wisdom be imparted unto you, to do God’s bidding in rectifying this grave injustice against Pastor Leo the Man of God (and his Ministers); in order to change the destiny of our dear nation Australia.

God bless you,

[ name withheld ]
Servant of the Lord
[ details withheld ]

18th July 2019

* Overcoming drought

In 2010, soon after Pastor Leo first arrived in Fiji a government official overheard his conversation with some people about the miracles God was using Pastor Leo (& Team) for, around the world. This ex-army man named […], from the Yasawa Islands excused and introduced himself to Pastor Leo. He asked the Pastor for urgent prayer for Fiji, as the country was experiencing a severe 10 month drought, and especially severe in the outer islands (Yasawa) where his village was based.

The Pastor asked him to call his Chief […] to see if he and the village men were willing to dedicate the next day unto fasting and prayer in thanksgiving for the drought to be broken, and an abundance of water to be delivered from above.

Up until then, the government was carting water supplies out to the islands, but it had become an expensive task for which they could not do for much longer.

[…] called and confirmed an emphatic YES!

The Chief had ordered not only the men of the 300 strong village but all women and even children to pray and fast from sun-up to sundown! Pastor Leo and the Ministers agreed to join them the next day in prayer and fasting.

By 5pm the following day, the rain came down in torrents, unabated for 3 days, that […] called Pastor Leo in joyous rapture; exclaiming they were swimming in rivers of fresh water! [The drought had broken for good]

Praise be unto God for his voice on earth of Godly wisdom. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. James 5:16 (NKJV)

What can you do? 

Check the facts. All information can be confirmed. This is the truth.

Act on the truth – petition your federal member of parliament – it’s time for politicians to do their job! To look after the people of Australia – You, your family, your friends, depend upon Australia dealing with this debacle before it is too late!