Taxation Office – Project Wickenby

Australian Taxation Office /Australian Crime Commission /Australian Federal Police (Project Wickenby)

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) appears to have been involved in the persecution of AMI and it’s supporters from the very beginning. Evidence exists that it used flawed so-called ‘intell’ to mount their attack. This persecution continues unabated. It continues even though the ATO now know this intell is flawed. It continues even though mountains of evidence have been provided to the contrary. Check out the following: EvidenceMP-ATOinformer

The ATO is intent upon robbing AMI. Stealing funds provided for charitable purposes. It’s objection process is corrupt.  Officers reviewing objections collaborate (their own words) with those auditing taxpayers. See the following documents as evidence of this.

ATOsReviewOfObjectionsFlawed  ATO-ReviewObjectionProcess

It is believed that senior ATO officers ‘feather their own nests’ with fat bonuses based on a sliding scale or percentage of the wildly inaccurate assessments they themselves calculate. Refer attached letter – pge 7, near page bottom, point # 1. AMI Letter ATO viaHuntHunt 19April2013

This letter is supported by a number of attachments being 1 – 6 as follows and the remainder that are posted separately under Activities in Fiji. The latter shows the Christian work being done in the South Pacific, regardless of the continued persecution in Australia. Attachment 1-Statement-HarryGibbs  Attachment 2-ATO Letter-OBryan  Attachment 3-Article Aussie Post  Attachment 4-Affidavit-ATO-Wallace  Attachment 5 -Extract Gorshkov v ATO defence  Attachment 6 – Sempf-ExtractCrimCode etc For more information about the so-called government of Australia read Q-Two Governments and the post: Australian Government Vaporware.

It is truly astounding how the ATO is operating. In the late 1990’s it was proved that it was not a legal entity. For the next 6 or so weeks there was an undignified scramble to find a way to make it lawful. And since then? For the people of Australia it is judge, jury and executioner. It cannot be held to account. It cannot sued. The attached diagram Diagram-ATO Validity and overview of this giant mess provides some idea of why this disgraceful situation has been allowed for so long. Australia Young & Free

Note: A senior lawyer with many years experience as a litigator on behalf of the ATO before going into private practice as an expert on tax law has commented on the ATO behaviour in this case, saying everything is ‘highly unusual’ from the speed in which they acted in rescinding AMI’s income tax exemption as a charity to the assessments issued, to the conduct of the audits and so on….There has been no consultation or attempt at consultation with the taxpayers – a flagrant breach of the taxpayers charter.

Project Wickenby:

This project, Wickenby has a purpose – to identify and prosecute tax evasion and money laundering. It brings together the ATO, Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Crime Commission (ACC). The AFP and ACC have powers not available to the ATO. By working together they can do almost anything they want. Powerful stuff! Especially for public servants if they should forget their key role is to serve the public.

If you have concerns about either then you can report them to the AFP (it’s the same as needing to report that all your chickens have lost their heads [usually because a fox is on the loose] and having to their deaths to the fox, who will investigate the crime??!!

Alternatively, you can report it to the Australian Ombudsman who is all but overwhelmed by having to deal with any complaints associated with the illegal immigrants/boats flooding our borders.

A few words about the ACC:

If the ACC wants to talk to someone its compulsory to answer their summons. It is possible to have legal representation, but a lawyer is constrained to objecting if the witness appears to be suffering from badgering and that’s about all. The witness must answer all questions. Penalty of refusing to answer is up to three months in jail. If the ACC officer doesn’t believe the witness’ answer to any question it may mean jail.

The witness is sworn to secrecy, unable to tell anyone that they’ve even been interviewed (except their lawyer) – again the penalty of doing so is jail.

Star chamber stuff!

And the ATO deemed it suitable to use this power to investigate a Christian church and charity!


Because it can. Having been misled by someone with a vested interest in bringing down the church, this project’s so-called public servants set about using their considerable powers without taking the time to check for facts.

Project officers got excited. They knew Ps Leo was active in Vanuatu and perhaps it suited them to believe what they’d been told – after all Vanuatu is a known tax haven!

The Facts:

It didn’t seem to matter that the funds held on trust were ‘after-tax’ dollars!

It didn’t seem to matter that being ‘clean’ money there wouldn’t be any money laundering!

AMI planned international aid and missionary projects in Vanuatu (where it had been in talks with the government for some time and had established a charitable association in accordance with government guidelines). It planned to establish it’s headquarters for the South Pacific regions in Vanuatu. This was in accordance with it’s plans to work with a number of countries in the region (letters had been sent, visits made etc, to a range of countries).

AMI board members had been visiting governments in a number of countries in this region. At the time of the raids in South Australia, three AMI representatives were in Fiji, having met with a government representative and planning for more such meetings in the next few days.

It didn’t seem to matter to the ATO that their informant was allegedly a tax avoider.

It didn’t seem to matter that much of what was in the media was wrong, including SAPOL involvement and charges laid against AMI church goers.

It didn’t seem to matter that they went to such lengths as to have helicopters have been flying low over the Melbourne homes of Joseph and Mari Veneziano’s relatives – being terrorised by their own government.

It didn’t seem to matter that law abiding citizens (AMI supporters), had their phones tapped – being terrorised by their own government.

To quote a senior lawyer whose experienced something similar himself –‘and this is NOT China, but Australia’.

This is nothing short of massive persecution by the ATO – currently there are NINE separate attacks against AMI by this government department.


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