Key Persecutors:

Allegedly corrupt former South Australian State politicians (referred to in the post ‘Persecution prompted by these events’) and bureaucrats, whom evidence suggests were using Martin Penney and others to provide flawed information to, and influencing the ATO.

Not even living expenses permitted for 3 years!
Not even living expenses permitted for 3 years!

The ATO then immobilised AMI, freezing assets to prevent a defence in court against it’s debt recovery action and the two civil court cases pending by former church members- Martin Penney (withdrew claim in May 2012) and Ms Melchiorre.

Mr Martin Penney, a former AMI supporter, (in 2009 having found himself in trouble with government agencies over his own 14 charges of 457 migrant worker visa breaches, unsecured ammunition and alleged tax avoidance) who tried to stay in the shadows and use his associates, who, consumed by jealousy and hatred used their mouths as terrorist weapons, unscrupulously treading all over anyone and everyone along the way.

SAPOL (SA Police) & Australian Federal Police (AFP) sharing unsubstantiated, flawed & twisted ‘intell’:

19th May 2010 raids of AMI’s Oakden and Kuitpo sites, Ps Leo’s home and many AMI supporters’ private homes. These innocent Christians were subject to extreme police scrutiny and in many cases their rights were violated (comments by a Senior Magistrate in the SA courts). It appears to have been a well planned and deliberately orchestrated event to maximise the media spotlight, with massive coverage of these events. SAPOL media releases contained conflicting information and inflammatory language to feed this media frenzy (it was only 14 months later, after the DPP’s media releases containing some factual information, that some of the truth was posted onto their own website SAPOL Website – Facts).

The Media: ‘Trial by media’ spreading outright lies and misinformation as insidiously as a cancer. First nationally, then globally, journalists, with no attempt to check facts or correct glaring errors, exaggerations and inaccuracies, rejecting AMI supporters offers to provide evidence and facts, smeared innocent Christians.

Note: Please view the associated pages which provide much more information about these terrorists who used their mouths as weapons to spread lies and destroy others out of greed, jealousy and ambition, uncaring of damage to the innocent.

Guilt by association resulted in livelihoods being destroyed. People were forced to leave South Australia so that they could continue to support their family.  Others had to spend tens of thousands of dollars defending their innocence in court (successfully).


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