Updated – Why is Australia experiencing so many catastrophes?

Natural disasters / unusual weather patterns

  • As recently as April 2018 records were being broken for unseasonably high temperatures in Southern Australia.
  • Out of season bushfire raged and destroyed on the West and East coasts
  • Sustained drought in most of Queensland
  • Floods in NSW and Victoria

Constitutional / Political Crisis

Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce found to be in breach of the Constitution – a criminal offence, yet he saw no reason to quietly ‘go away’. Instead ignoring his unlawful behaviour he chose to stand for re-election. This married man resigned a few months later, in disgrace, when found to acted inappropriately by arranging (in concert with the Prime Minister’s Office) for a female staffer (due to have his baby a few months later) to move to another politician’s office.

A number of his fellow politicians have been found to have fallen foul of the same Constitution clause (that can only be changed by Referendum) and there are likely to be at least three more to come, the most recent being Labour Senator Katy Callaghan.

None have been prosecuted or fined in accordance with the rules.

It begs the question – if it’s ok for the people charged with making the laws to ignore the consequences of flouting the Constitution, is ok for ordinary citizens to follow their lead?

Banking Royal Commission exposing massive corruption

This commission is a long way from finishing it’s examination of Australia’s ‘big 4’ banks, AMP, smaller banks and superannuation managers, and it seems a tsunami of catastrophic proportions could be building momentum.


AMP’s CEO rushed off in an unseemly manner months before he was due to exit. The Chairman of the board jumped before being pushed and has been followed by another three board members – so far. The board appears to have interfered with a supposedly independent review of the organisation (by a well known legal firm) for ASIC.

ASIC has been found to be asleep at the wheel.

Law and Order unable to protect the innocent

In Victoria 100+ strong African gangs are trashing the homes of private citizens just because they can, while the police watch. No-one is arrested. Gang members are smashing their way into homes, demanding car keys and cash on threat of beatings, before disappearing with luxury vehicles. Many Victorians are terrified.


What did Australia do to deserve these disasters and calamities?

Anyone who seeks to put themselves in a position to judge a Man of God (appointed by God, not chosen by men) risks being judged by God Himself. If such a person judges they bring God’s judgment upon themselves and the entire nation who have appointed such a person.

And this is precisely what has happened.

It did not occur without prior warning:

Extract from Letters to Supreme Court Justice consequences to be visited upon Australia and the people of Australia found at Who Can Judge? because, in accordance with the Word of God (Holy Scriptures), you will be going against the Spirit of the Lord.’

The upshot is that the Hand of God (often referred to as ‘Act of God’) is moving through plagues (Affliction sent as a ‘divine’ chastisement)   to bring people to the understanding that great wrong has been done. What does ‘Hand of God mean? It points to God’s sovereign power in creation and in his actions on his people’s behalf.

Examples of God’s messages that were ignored until major tragedies occurred:


Egyptian ‘king’  who was filled with arrogance & pride, believing himself to be above God, didn’t take notice of God’s warnings from His messengers (Moses & Aaron) to until the 10th plague killed his only son. Even then, having let the Lord God’s people go, Pharaoh changed his mind and pursued them to the Red Sea. He did not relent and so caused his army, all the men and horses, to be drowned when the sea closed behind the fleeing Israelites.

Israelites wandering the Sinai Desert for 40 years:

Exodus Chapter 20 v 3 – 5 “You shall have no other gods before Me. You shall not make for yourself a carved image – any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall not bow down to them, nor serve them……”

Exodus Chapter 32 v 30 -31 “…. you have committed great sin…Then Moses returned to the Lord and said “Oh, these people have committed a great sin, and have made for themselves a calf of gold.”

Exodus Chapter 33 v 37 “So the Lord plagues the people because of what they did with the calf…”


What can be done to persuade God to relent?

Beg and plead with the Man of God (Whom God Himself anointed and appointed as His representative) to have him petition God on behalf of those who mercilessly judged him (the Man of God is the person who begged and pleaded with the judges to no avail and was condemned despite having provided copious evidence of his innocence).

For he serves a loving and compassionate God Who did not want to chastise, waiting more than 7 years for the persecutors to relent before moving against them.  



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