Persecution Prompted by These Events?

In mid/late 2007 a grateful geologist / geophysicist assigned rights to some of the largest (approx. 2,500² km) gold and coal exploration leases in Australia, and in Australia’s history, to AMI’s Pastor Leo. 

This geologist had experienced two separate attempts on his life, which he believes emanated from corrupt SA government personnel, as he was fighting for these exploration rights in the SA Supreme Court.

Note: The people this gentleman is fighting in court, are both powerful and influential. A former SA state government Member of Parliament and six mining companies with which he is associated.

Was there a plot to deny him access to these leases and, it is believed, improperly using the justice system?

Controlled By Greed
  •  Another former SA state MP, whom it is believed was, until his resignation in 2011, in a position to influence the state government department of Primary Industries & Resources SA PIRSA].
  •  Other senior justice bureaucrats got involved in the lease exploration dispute through their association with the above mentioned former MP.

It seems these people have a vested interest in who can explore / develop / own this potentially lucrative (according to geologist’s initial research) mineral deposit .

Note: Other exploratory lease applications (by the first mentioned MP) have been illegally placed over these leases & claims. These are being challenged in the South Australian courts.


Terrorism in the ‘not-so-lucky’ country!

As Australians, we had believed we were living in the ‘lucky country’- of golden sand, surf, and sunshine; free to live as we chose.

Free to love, free to work and free to worship as we chose…in the land of the ‘fair go’

In 2010 this all changed.

And it was decided to establish this blog because we are seeing unprecedented attacks by unprincipled people with ‘no holds barred’ attitudes… using their mouths as ‘terrorist weapons’ (see page ‘Attacks’ post for more detail)

Why use the term unprincipled?

Synonyms for unprincipled: devious / dishonest / deceitful / corrupt / wrong

Call us old fashioned, but we believe principled people check the facts before acting.

And we want you to learn the truth now – before having your own ‘terrorism experience’ with people who have forgotten they are supposed to be servants to the people.

If you think perhaps this is a ‘slight’ exaggeration, then please, spend a few minutes exploring this blog!

Note: And yes, we do have the evidence to substantiate what you’re about to read